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Anti-fashion is a fashion trend: 2017

Anti-fashion is slowly becoming one of the most popular fashion trend in 2017.

Wolup, what is anti-fashion?

Anti-fashion is various styles of fashion which are contrary to the latest trends, think of Bob is wearing bootleg jeans in 2017, weird right?

Did you say, Anti-fashion is fashionable?

Yes anti-fashion is fashionable thanks to the brands like Vetements with their popular DHL t shirt and recently Kith with the collaboration with Coke. these brands have taken signage chic to the next level by giving these popular brands a Secondary meaning.

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What makes this style unique?

This is a low key yet in your face type of style, the idea here is to send out a message that fashion does not have to be defined or complicated but rather comfortable.

Who can rock this style?

Everyone can rock this style,albeit it is more for minimalist (The no form of validation needed type) this style works well with both males and females,

How can I rock it?

This style can compliment almost any outfit, jeans, shorts, skirts you name it. “yonke insipho iyawasha” dont believe us? check out the below pics for some inspiration.

Image result for Kith cokeImage result for dhl t shirtImage result for Kodak tshirt

Thats so cool! where can I get mine?

Easy, we have designed our very own South African signage Chic t shirt:

You dig? Well you can get the Izinto no:1 tshirt here

You can also find out what inspired the Izinto No:1 Tshrt here.