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Izinto Clothing pays tribute to the legend Dr Mageu.

Once upon a time there was an artist called Ignatius “Dr Mageu” Ntshebele aka Geuzin wamampela, Dr. Mageu was a kwaito artist who was a member of the group Brothers of Peace, and also worked with TKZee family. 

It is no brainer why we chose to pay him homage. because everyone who has listened to his music knows that Geuzin was a lyrical genius, who was very proud of where he comes from, Geuzin was born and bred in Soweto Chiawelo.

Sadly the legend passed away in September 2008 while serving a 7 year sentence in prison (May his soul Rest in Power), and on top of that it is extremely difficult to find information about him online (its like he fell from the face of the earth), all you will find is bad press (dread!), not much is being said about the role he played in transforming the South African music scene.

So we took it upon ourselves to pay him homage lest we forget right? we decided to use a quote from one of his famous tracks “Yekelani ft Sbu Amalawyer”  to incorporate it to our new Izinto Clothing t-shirt. Bathi Bathi Ngithi Ngithi Ngiphum Elokshin” translating They say They say, I say I say I come from the ghetto, excuse the repetition 🙂

Izinto Clothing Front left chest print logo

The front of the t-shirt is very minimal and only has a small Izinto logo on the left chest, the back is quite bold yet clean to balance and compliment the front of the tee.

Izinto Clothing T-shirt Back Bathi Bathi…

The t-shirt is available now here.