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Behind the design of our Izinto No:1 Soweto tshirt

Izinto No:1 Tshirrt

Izinto No:1 Soweto

The new Izinto No:1 Soweto Tshirt is inspired by the old Iwisa logo, Iwisa is an iconic brand that was established in 1956, the brand can be found in most households in Mzantsi, Maize meal being South African’s staple food.

The idea we had on the design was to design something bold and that was easily identifiable.
The old Iwisa design was just perfect, because it had that nostalgic feel, The iconic no:1 feature resonated seamlessly with Izinto, Izinto being Soweto Realest.

“we want people to get that sense of familiarity”

We decided to keep the key elements of the design, so we did not mess around with the colour combination and the whole design composition. we want people to get that sense of familiarity. The only thing left was to marry Izinto’s typeface.
And we are really happy with how it turned out.
The t shirt is available in white, you can get it here.